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Berg is gay

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Here is a long story made short...

The Hurricane looked like Chunk from The Goonies with a Mario Lemieux haircut.


He went through life trying to change himself so he can build up his self esteem.


Here's where it gets sad...his buddies created a website of him with pictures of when he looked like Chunk with a Mario Lemieux haircut.  The Hurricane is now changing the pictures somehow to Brad Pitt.  His low self esteem is rearing it's ugly head again.  Does he really think he looks like Brad Pitt...if so, he may have some mental issues as well.


Anyway, the only way to get him over his low self esteem is to have him reach rock bottom and build him back up.  I suggest that from now on we call him Chunk instead of Mike or Hurricane until he leaves the pictures alone

Aren't I the cutest little hurricane!!!

Mazel Tov!!

More pictures to come!!!

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