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Olivia Grace LoCoco

October 4, 2003
Olivia is now a year old.
Olivia is crawling all over the house.  Mostly chasing after our dog Bella.  Time to baby proof the house.
Day care has gotten a lot better.  She is no longer crying when she gets dropped off.  The teachers say she is beginning to like it there.  Pretty soon she is going to be crying when I pick her up.
Teeth update:  2 bottom teeth and two top teeth are through!  There is the cutest click sound when she drinks from a glass.
Check out her birthday picture.  Click on "Watch Olivia Grow."

Baby Stats

Date of Birth:         October 4, 2002
Time of Birth:         8:35 am

Weight & Length:   7lb 13oz 20 inches



If you would like to tell Olivia how beautiful she is, you can e-mail her at the address below.